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Port of Beaumont

Section 4 Misc. Charges

Section 4 - Miscellaneous charges

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Stevedore Fees

Franchise fee:

Bulk and general cargo


Bulk cargo only


Annual fee:

Bulk and general cargo


Bulk cargo only


Unless otherwise specifically provided in this tariff, services of a miscellaneous nature will be performed by the Port Authority on the basis of actual cost of labor, supervision, equipment, supplies and materials plus 20%, subject to a minimum charge of $100.00 for each service, or at a flat rate price agreed to by both parties. Such services will include, but are not limited to bracing, blocking, securing or dunnaging cargo in railcars or trucks, segregation of cargo, removing or replacing bands, applying, removing or changing marks, cleaning of transportation equipment and disposal of debris, repairs to facilities and equipment, removal of or relocation of fences, posts and other obstructions to facilitate the movement of cargo for which there has not been a rate established in this tariff, and the procurement of supplies and services for third parties.


Port Authority equipment - cranes

(1) Truck crane, 200-ton

S.T. per hour


O.T. per hour


(2) Mobile Harbor Crane

S.T per hour


O.T per hour


Cranes, minimum charge

4 hours

Rates quoted include fuel and operator(s) and are based on crane's standard "as is" configuration (Truck crane - 120 foot boom and 100-ton block) Charge for re-rigging crane to alternate boom configuration, and returning to standard configuration, if required, will be billed to party ordering crane.

Charge for re-rigging crane: $4,000.00

When port cranes are available and not used, and privately-owned cranes are used without express permission from the port's Director of Operations, the above charges will apply. (See Item 260)

(3) Taylor lift machine, 40-ton, per hour


Facility Service Fee:
(see Item 245)                                                                                          $.55


Office space:
The Port Authority will provide office space, when available, for the use of stevedores or other parties to support cargo operations. The daily rate for the use of stevedore offices is $85.00 per day. Other rates and terms are available on request. User is responsible for utilitites, furnishings, maintenance, cleaning, telephone, etc. Users of stevedore's offices are responsible for all long distance telephone calls, for damages, and for picking up and returning office keys and telephones.


LASH and river/Intracoastal barges that are fleeted and held in port, loaded or empty, will be assessed a fleeting charge:


$65.00 per day


$130.00 per day



Installation, straight time


Installation, overtime


Per Kilowatt hour


Minimum charge, straight time


Minimum charge. overtime



Shed, wharf and open wharf demurrage:
After expiration of free time (See item 270)

Cargo in Transit Shed
$0.30 per ton per day

Cargo on open wharves and all weather open lots

$0.20 per ton per day

High-cube cargo, in transit sheds

$0.90 per ton per day

High-cube cargo, on wharves or all weather open lots

$0.60 per ton per day


Dockage charges:
Dockage for all ships, barges and watercraft, except as otherwise provided, will be charged on the length overall (L.O.A.) in feet shown in Lloyd's Register of Shipping, and will be on the following basis:

Length in overall feet

Rate (per foot per 24-hour day)

0 - 199














900 & over


Dockage for ships loading bulk grain at the port's grain elevator will be assessed
by Louis Dreyfus Corporation.

Minimum charge: $300.00 per day
Barges - See Item 551

Rates pursuant to Gulf Seaports Marine Terminal Conference.


Dockage charges - non self-propelled inland waterway barges

Length overall in feet

Rate per 24-hour day

75 feet and under


76 - 200 feet


201 feet and over



Dockage reduction for vessels in port more than 5 working days, working general/breakbulk or bulk cargo.
The rates for dockage for the first five working days will be assessed at full tariff per item 550.
Day 6 thru day 10 will be assessed at 75% of full tariff rate.
Day 11 thru vessel sailing will be assessed at 60% of full tariff rate.



Dockage exceptions:
Dockage for vessels waiting due to unavailability of berth or cargo, idle vessels or vessels undergoing repair will be charged at the rate of:
Day 1 thru day 10 will be assessed at 75% of full tariff rate.
Day 11 thru vessel sailing or working cargo will be assessed at 60% of full tariff rate.
If vessel begins cargo operations, see Item 552.
This exception will be granted at the request of the vessel agent, owner, charterer or operator and must be approved in advance of the vessel's sailing, by the port's director of operations.


Wharf hire
Wharf hire will be based on the quantity of cargo loaded or discharged at each berth as follows:

Under 1,000 tons


1,001 - 5,000 tons


5,001 - 10,000 tons


10,001 - 20,000 tons


Over 20,000 tons


(See also Item 296)


Water service

Installation, straight time


Installation, overtime


Per 1,000 gallons


Minimum charge, straight time


Minimum charge, overtime



Line Handling Charges
Mooring/Unmooring, per service:

Straight time

$285.00 per hour


$426.00 per hour

Standby time - One hour is allowed beyond specific time for which line handlers
are ordered.

Charges for standby time beyond first hour:

Straight time

$178.00 per hour


$250.00 per hour

Shifting between berths:

Straight time

$170.00 per hour


$240.00 per hour



Vessels shifting more than 500 feet to an adjoining dock requiring mooring lines
to be carried down the dock will be charged an additional $90.00.

There will be an additional charge of $8.00 for each cable (wire rope) handled
at mooring, unmooring and shifting.

Orange County Facilities:

Regular linehandling charges will apply to OC1, provided lineboat is not required.
If lineboat is required, the following charges will apply:

Straight time

$930.00 per hour


$1,165.00 per hour

Standby time - One hour is allowed beyond specific time for which line handlers are ordered.

Charges for standby time beyond first hour:

Straight time/overtime

$250.00 per hour

Note: Requirement for a lineboat must be given when order is placed.

All vessels, their owners or agents, are responsible for payment of charges for line handling within 30 days after invoice date.

After 30 days, a 1.5% penalty charge will be assessed on the total invoice amount. Failure to pay total after 90 days will result in loss of credit.


Heavy lift charge
When shipments contain pieces weighing 10,000 pounds or more, the following charges will apply in addition to the handling charges:

10,000 lbs. - 20 tons

$1.55 per ton

Over 20 tons - 35 tons

$3.90 per ton

Over 35 tons - capacity of port crane

$6.50 per ton

Shipments beyond capacity of port crane will be handled at actual cost plus 20%.


Damage free rail equipment
The Port Authority will unload cargo presented in damage-free or load-divider railroad equipment at actual cost plus 20%.

This charge will be assessed in lieu of unloading charges published elsewhere in this tariff.


Work performed on overtime will be billed at 150% of regular charges, plus appropriate labor guarantees.

Double time will be charged for work performed during meal hours: 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM, 6:00 to 7:00 PM, 12:00 Midnight to 1:00 AM, and 6:00 to 7:00 AM, on the basis of 200% of regular charges, plus appropriate labor guarantees.


Use of areas in transit sheds
Areas inside the transit sheds will be assigned, on a space-available basis, by the Director of Operations. The charge for the use of this space will be $1.50 per square foot per month.


Seafarers' Center of Beaumont
The owner, operator or charterer of all ships using the facilities of the Port of Beaumont will be assessed a fee of $125.00 per ship call to cover charges for the services of the Seafarers' Center of Beaumont.


Land rental
Subject to availability and Port Director's approval, land may be leased on a short term basis. Call for rates and availability.


Placing bagged cargo in super sacks
When bagged cargo is placed in super sacks when being unloaded from boxcars, a charge as follows will be assessed: $4.00 per ton (see notes 1 and 2).

Note 1: Charge does not include furnishing of super sacks.

Note 2: Requires prior notification of the port.


Facilities cleaning
See Item 294

0 tons and under 2,500 tons


2,500 tons and under 5,000 tons


5,000 tons and under 7,500 tons


7,500 tons and under 10,000 tons


10,000 tons and under 15,000 tons


15,000 tons and under 20,000 tons


20,000 tons and under 25,000 tons


25,000 tons and over


If, in the opinion of the Director of Operations, facilities require cleaning beyond ordinary means, or excessive use of the equipment for disposal, cleaning will be charged at the rate of actual cost plus 20%.

LASH/River barge

$260.00 each

Ocean-going barges towed or pushed by ocean tugs

$460.00 each


Maintenance charge
A maintenance charge of 35 cents per short ton will be assessed to the stevedore loading USDA cargo, to ensure cleanliness and sanitary conditions.