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The Port of Beaumont is a leader in world commerce.
Top-notch facilities, expertise and major rail and roadway connections
make us a strong choice to handle your cargo, whatever it may be.

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Our Location
Situated 84 miles east of Houston and 270 miles west of New Orleans (Latitude 304'6"N, Longitude 945'4"W), the Port of Beaumont is accessible from the Gulf of Mexico and Intracoastal Waterway via the federally maintained Sabine-Neches Ship Channel, 42 miles upstream from the Gulf.
The Sabine-Neches Channel is a minimum of 400 feet wide and maintained at a depth of 40 feet. Air draft is 136 feet.
The Intracoastal Waterway and Mississippi River connect Beaumont with a vast inland waterway system serving such cities as Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Louisville, Omaha and Memphis. 



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