Port of Beaumont Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners Code of Ethics

Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and personal integrity, be honest and straightforward in dealings with others and conduct Port business in a positive, open and cooperative manner.

Place the interest of the taxpayers of the District above all others in conducting Port business and ensure that the Port operates in a fiscally responsible manner.

Avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of impropriety to ensure the public’s confidence and trust in the Board of Commissioners.

Govern the affairs of the Port of Beaumont fairly, equitably and impartially without discrimination and in accordance with the Port of Beaumont’s mission and its Enabling Act, as amended.

Promote the highest ethical standards and refrain from illegal or unethical conduct while in the service of the public as Port Commissioner.

Passed by the Board of Commissioners of the Port of Beaumont Navigation District of Jefferson County, Texas, July 18, 1995.