Mission Statement

The Port of Beaumont Navigation District of Jefferson County, Texas is responsible to the taxpayers of its District for the improvement of navigation and the development of maritime shipping and waterborne related commerce to and from its wharves; and for maintenance, development, extension, and improvement of wharf and dock facilities of the Port of Beaumont to promote economic growth in our District and the State of Texas and in the interest of national defense.

Our Goals

Act as a competitive force along the Gulf Coast and maximize the flow of waterborne trade by providing highly productive facilities, equipment and support services to meet the needs of customers.

Improve marine terminals, build new cargo handling capacity and promote private investment to the benefit of the taxpayers’ interest within the Port of Beaumont Navigation District.

Provide services and facilities to accommodate the transportation of cargo and to foster economic growth and development for Beaumont, Jefferson County, Orange County, and the Southeast Texas region.

The Port of Beaumont Energy Reduction Goals

In accordance with Senate Bill 12 (SB12) – legislation passed by the 80th Texas Legislature requiring political subdivisions to implement cost-effective measures to reduce energy consumption and annually report their progress to the State Energy Conservation Office – the Port of Beaumont has established the following goals to reduce electricity consumption by five percent (5%) annually during the next six years:

  • The use of energy efficient lighting and other electrical appliances on all newly constructed facilities and rehabilitated structures;


  • The retrofit and installation of new energy efficient lighting in port facilities including office and warehouse/transit shed facilities;


  • Port staff will implement energy usage reduction measures ensuring that lighting and other energy using appliances are operated in an efficient manner and that all non-essential uses are eliminated.

ADOPTED BY THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS of the Port of Beaumont Navigation District of Jefferson County, Texas on October 23, 2008.