Port Security

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Entry into Port of Beaumont (POB) “Secure Area” Requirements

Requirements for Entry

The POB is a Maritime Transportation Security Act facility regulated by Title 33 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 101 & 105 (Maritime Security General & Maritime Security Facilities), which is enforced by the U.S. Coast Guard. All persons seeking unescorted access into the Port of Beaumont (POB) must possess a valid Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC), must be on the port’s “Authorized Access List”, and all drivers must present a valid state driver’s license. Persons seeking access into the POB secure area who do not possess a TWIC may only enter with a POB approved TWIC escort as a side-by-side companion.

In accordance with federal security regulations, random vehicle screenings are performed at the Port of Beaumont entry points. Refusal to permit this screening will result in denied access.

Port Policy

Neither concealed nor open carry of firearms, alcohol, or photography are permitted in the POB’s secure area. If you have any questions concerning these provisions, please contact the Port of Beaumont Port Police at 409-554-2020.

All persons granted unescorted access to secure areas of the POB must produce his or her TWIC upon request by U.S. Coast Guard or POB security personnel. Persons unable to produce a TWIC will be escorted off the facility and may be subject to criminal prosecution. The POB may, in its sole discretion, ban any person for any period of time for violation of federal laws or port rules and regulations. Those persons who violate access control procedures may be subject to arrest, prosecution and/or loss of port access privileges

For a person to receive POB escort privileges, the employer must submit a TWIC Escort Application to the Port Security Department at Security@portofbeaumont.com.  TWIC escorting privileges are granted at the sole discretion of the POB for a period of time determined by the port.

The processing fee for a POB Escort TWIC is $25 through company check or cashier’s check made out to The Port of Beaumont. The port reserves the right to deny granting privileges or to suspend, revoke or deny renewal of escorting privileges previously granted.

Do your part for Port Security by:

  • Presenting a valid TWIC/ID at entry points
  • Submitting to random vehicle screening when requested
  • Obeying posted signs and requirements
  • Reporting suspicious activity to Port Authority Police at 409-670-3620.